JDR Cables

JDR Cables was sub-contracted by VBMS to manufacture the array cables of the Galloper offshore wind farm. This contract is substantial for JDR Cables and will contribute towards filling up its order books and strengthen its position within the UK renewables’ supply chain.

Employment impacts: The contract will help to sustain current employment levels at JDR and, as a result
of the increased workload (due to Galloper and other ongoing energy projects), JDR Cables expects to have to increase its workforce over the longer term.

Investment: JDR Cables has recently undertaken a significant investment of around £10 million for a new machine that will allow it to almost double its capacity throughput. Although this investment was needed regardless of the work for Galloper offshore wind farm, this contract alongside wider overall growth of the renewables sector, encouraged JDR Cables to consider speeding up the process of acquiring the new machinery. Galloper will be one of the first projects on which the new machine will be used, and Galloper’s will be the first power cables produced using this machine.

Long term view: Around 10 years ago, JDR Cables was involved in the delivery of the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm project (the wind farm which Galloper is extending onto). Since then, JDR Cables has grown and is now a key player in the North East’s renewables supply chain. This initial project has helped JDR Cables make its decision to build its factory in Hartlepool and ensure the creation of long-term employment in the renewables sector in the North East region.

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