James Fisher

James Fisher secured a £25 million contract to deliver a number of offshore services (including assistance in the form of software, diving services and underwater ROVs) as part of the construction activity of the Galloper Offshore Wind Farm.

Employment Impacts: The Galloper Offshore Wind Project is expected to support around 100 jobs, mostly in the Lowestoft area. The company has increased its current staffing levels in Lowestoft from 4 people to more than 20. The rest of the jobs are expected to be supported through James Fisher’s spend in its supply chain and will include both onshore and offshore-based personnel as well as a number of offshore contractors.

Investment: The awarding of this contract meant that James Fisher has had to take on new premises in Lowestoft, as demand for office space increased by around 75% over a very short period of time. Furthermore, as a result of being awarded the Galloper contract James Fisher relocated specialised equipment to its new premises, including the multi-purpose offshore support vessel (Dart Fisher), which has recently undergone modifications at a local ship yard. The company’s specialist subsea operations division also successfully completed a recent UXO campaign to remove unexploded ordnance from the offshore construction site, benefitting the local economy.

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