GeoSea (DEME Group’s specialist in complex offshore marine engineering projects) secured a contract worth over £270 million to design, manufacture, deliver and install foundations for the 56 turbines forming the Galloper Offshore Wind Farm.

A large proportion of GeoSea’s spend on the project is expected to be in continental Europe, however GeoSea is planning to procure a large portion of its smaller contracts within the UK. This desire builds on an extensive roadshow GeoSea undertook in 2015, visiting 11 ports across the UK, which could play an important role in the development of offshore renewables. The aim of this exercise was to let businesses not traditionally associated with the renewables sector learn more about current opportunities, whilst also building a database of local businesses with potential to form part of their future supply chain.

Employment: Given the early stage of the project and the fact that much of their procurement is yet to be undertaken, the project’s impacts on local employment to date are expected to be very limited. GeoSea’s current projected (direct) spend in the UK is expected to support around 15 jobs over a 6-month construction period. This may however increase as GeoSea procures other short-term services nationally.

Up-Skilling: Over recent years, GeoSea has been working with the University of Strathclyde (in Glasgow) offering internships at their national head office (in London), thus further supporting the development of the UK skills base in the sector.

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