Facts & Figures

56 Wind Turbines
56 Wind Turbines
Generating Power For Up To 380,070 Homes
27 to 36 Metres Water Depth
56 Buried Subsea Array Cables
1 Onshore 132kV Substation
£50000 Raised & Donated to local companies
Up To 700 Jobs Created
Around 60 Long Term East Cost Jobs During Operation
£50000 Raised & Donated to local companies
1 33kV/132kV Offshore Substation
2 x 45KM buried Subsea Export Cables


Galloper Wind Farm is located approximately 30km off the coast of Suffolk, close to its sister project Greater Gabbard Wind Farm.

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Siemens Turbine Assembly Base

Great Yarmouth

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Offshore Construction Coordination Base

Port of Lowestoft


Project Construction

Construction of Galloper Offshore Wind Farm started with onshore works in late 2015 with offshore construction getting underway in the summer of 2016.  First power was generated by the wind farm in November 2017 and it became fully operational in March 2018.

Consents & Licenses

The overarching consent for Galloper Offshore Wind Farm is the Galloper Wind Farm Order (also known as the Development Consent Order, or DCO) which includes consent for both the offshore and onshore elements of the project.

Development Consent Order

DCO Application and Examination Documents

The Environmental Statement and other documents from the DCO application and examination can be accessed below.

The different sections of our Development Consent Order application, comprising the original application which was accepted by the former IPC on 19 December 2011 and subsequent submissions on 8th and 13th June 2012 can be found in three distinct sections below:

Original application accepted 19 December 2011 GWF Environmental Statement:

Project Partners

The project is owned by a consortium led by RWE Renewables (25%), Equitix (25%), Siemens Financial Services (25%), Spring Infrastructure (12.5%) and ESB (12.5%).

Spring Infrastructure Capital