Galloper celebrates apprentices’ successes
20 Mar, 2024

We’re very proud of all our apprentices at Galloper. Our first cohort, taken onboard in 2019 have come to the end of their programme and moved on to begin their careers in the offshore wind industry as turbine technicians.

Rosie, Eve and Thomas have worked hard on their studies at college and joined the teams at site gaining experience in various roles over the last four years. Although joining shortly before some unprecedented times, navigating their entrance to the workforce through COVID, they have found their footing in one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors. Their perseverance has paid off and we’re delighted that they’ve found new roles to continue their career development.

Rosie has joined Galloper as a fully qualified Wind Turbine Technician while Eve has joined a Service Operation Vessel (SOV) at Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm, another RWE site. Thomas has transferred the skills he’s learnt here to join Lamborghini Motorsport Division Squadra Corse, we wish him all the best.

Eve Dupuy

“After completing my apprenticeship I have been able to appreciate all the skills I have learnt and been confident to put them to use on challenging tasks. Throughout the four years I have gained knowledge and skills to create a foundation in the industry, this coupled with the knowledge and experience handed down from working at site has been invaluable for my development. I am uncertain where my career will take me but I do know there are lots of opportunities and adventures out there in this industry.” – Rosie

We wish them all the best of luck in their future and their careers. We’re very proud of what they have achieved.

Our current apprentices Morgan and George continue with their course, Morgan is now in his third and final year, working on site at Galloper assisting the team in maintaining the wind farm, developing his on the job skills and putting the lessons he’s learnt into practice. George has entered his second year of the specialist course at the Llandrillo College in north Wales, supported by RWE, gaining all the relevant knowledge and skills to pursue his career as a wind turbine technician.

George Webb

“The RWE apprenticeship has taught me valuable, technical skills offshore and provided a supportive environment to learn the skills needed for the industry. The offshore role is exciting and very rewarding, giving me hands on practical experience. Coming to the end of my apprenticeship, I hope to gain a full-time technician role so I can progress my knowledge and skills further.” – Morgan

For further details on the RWE apprenticeship visit the below link:

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