Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Galloper Wind Farm Limited is an offshore wind farm located 27 km off the Suffolk Coast, consisting of 56 wind turbines, with a total installed capacity of up to 353MW, with the potential to provide low carbon electricity to up to 380,700 average UK households per year. Our Siemens 6.3MW turbines are connected to one 33kV/132kV offshore substation and one onshore 132kV substation which connects into the National Grid at Leiston. The wind farm is supported by an Operations and Maintenance facility located at Harwich International Port.

We are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of care and protection for our people, assets and the environment. We firmly believe that accidents are preventable and we are committed to the elimination and prevention of ill health, injury or harm of anyone who may be affected by our business activities, and to the promotion of team wellbeing. The site standards are consistent to the requirements of the Service Provider, RWE Renewable’s HSE Management System.
To achieve this, we are committed to:

• Assessment of Health, Safety and Environmental factors, ensuring that our priority is firstly the elimination of hazards, and where elimination is not possible, health and safety risks and environmental impacts are reduced.

• Establishing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment, for everyone involved in the Organisation’s business activities.

• Protecting the environment from the effects of our operations, including taking measures to prevent or reduce pollution.

• Engagement, consultation and participation of personnel, representatives and other stakeholders on matters relating to Occupational Health, Safety and Environment; empowering them to challenge situations that compromise these commitments.

• Ensure sufficient resources are provided for the management of Health, Safety and Environment.

• Ensuring employees of the Service Provider have enough information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure, so far as it is reasonably practicable, their competence whilst at work.

• Providing our contractors and visitors with sufficient information, to allow their safe attendance at our locations and ensuring they take care of the environment during their activities on site.

• Establishing a positive culture in which management act as leaders, setting an example to all personnel, so that they feel encouraged to behave responsibly; and make working safely and environmental protection their priority.

• Complying with all relevant Health, Safety and Environmental legislation, and other compliance obligations.

• Rigorous reporting and investigation of incidents; benchmarking against industry standards and good practice.

• Setting objectives and regularly reviewing our Health, Safety and Environmental performance, to ensure continual improvement.

• Effective communication of Health, Safety and Environmental requirements to our stakeholders.

• Ensuring assistance is available to personnel who have been injured, or who are unwell, to return to work when appropriate, in a supported manner.

• Using the workplace to promote the benefits of healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

• Providing plant, tools and equipment that are safe by design and fit for purpose; and ensure that suitable inspection and maintenance regimes are in place, to assure their continued integrity and safety.

• Ensuring that articles or substances used at work are handled, stored and transported safely, so that users and the environment are not adversely affected.

• We will act sustainably to lower our impact on the environment, so that our colleagues & community can enjoy tomorrow.

• We will implement Quality in accordance with the RWE Asset Governance Policy ‘6 Asset Management Principles’ and comply with the Quality directive principles tailored to the operational JV investors requirements.

This policy is available to all personnel and any external person, on request. Please speak to the HS&E team to obtain a copy.